Hokkaido in the north and Kyushu in the south, until Okinawa .

Hokkaido in the north and Kyushu in the south, until Okinawa ... ... When I think about it, I've traveled ""in the country"" with Achikochi so far! As a memorable ""journalist"" in nature, there are a lot of in-house travels when I look back, but after all, the private trip visited Achikochi freely on the spot is memorable! It will be over 15 years now, Hokuriku visited with just seven people was excited from the ""Noto"" trip before the ""Lamp Inn"" without using electricity, ""Lamp"" like its name, Just say staying, what is emotional! Aiming to arrive at that ""Oda"" is near the evening of the first day of the trip, there is something to say that the inn is still dusk, when the twilight ... but then at the time of meals, everything in the inn is already "" ""Only meals to eat among them, this is also nice, seafood, and mountainous ... but, it is strange, but the meal is oddly big anyway! That's why I was able to eat a crowd full of delicious gorgeous ingredients. Moreover, there are a lot of tourists after all! Another private tourist, another traveler next door. As a result, every Japanese brothers! In other words, while having a meal it was a great deal of excitement with other tourists ...! When meals are over it, this is ""lodging accommodation"", each room has no electric light. In the darkness of the night which is going quietly, in the light of only ""lamp"" lighting gently, the moist and delicious ocean scent and the scent of indescribable hot water from the outdoor bath intersect with each other, I was able to enjoy time! Even after and before, this experience never existed! As far as I am glad that you can touch such a feeling rich in domestic travel. And the next day, the morning as soon as I left the seaside, the coast that I visited before coming to ""Lamp no Yado"" the day before, the name also wrote ""poetry"" with the thought of ""Koiwa coast"" floating! With the memories of the lamp in mind, I accepted the episode of ""Koiwa coast"" which was spoken in this district as it is ""poetry"", I want to make one song on this trip! The plan that I thought was firmly real. It is a translation to say. After that, we went round the coastline, eating delicious food, enjoying delicious sake, going home, we visited a ""small number of travelers"" nice place, steadily "" One song ""I made it! That title was also named ""Koi-no-Monogatari"" of letting me use ""Koiwa coast""! A journey is the word of a famous fairy tale writer Andersen saying ""traveling is rejuvenating ten times, traveling ten times, traveling once, traveling is ten years old! After all ""traveling"" is good

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