It seems weird stuff, but I do not like to travel abroad.

It seems weird stuff, but I do not like to travel abroad. I can only use Japanese, but I can not understand that Japanese. By the way, when I went to Guam before, I went to McDonald 's and asked for ""Fira fish and cola"", but my friend who was next to me sometimes laughed at putting ""to"" between . In comparison, in general, in the case of domestic travel, the words are familiar. Because I was born in Tohoku, I can understand the Tohoku accent well. However, I do not know that people in Kyushu speak in the local language. However, there are times when you can understand it somewhat by the atmosphere. Because I am a stranger, I do a bit of an easy-to-understand phrase. By the way, I have been to Miyajima in autumn alone ten years ago. Speaking of Miyajima, it is Itsukushima shrine, but it is also known that there are many deers. There is an ordinary city. However, why not go to Itsukushima shrine. It is good that the deer is ordinarily, but I do not know what I am thinking. I was very scared. Although I was not chased after all, I still do not know what I'm thinking. When I went to Guam this horror had the same feeling of fear as a black man who inserted a tattoo that happened to be together at a convenience store. I am weak at places where animals are released without knowing what they are thinking even in domestic travel.

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