Recently it is often said that

Recently it is often said that ""If you have money to go on domestic travel you can go abroad"" it is said to me that ""If you can go with that extent you can go abroad if you travel abroad"" Domestic travel is safe Location It is nice and the inn is clean and the food is delicious and it is a good thing to do All the domestic trips I went recently were very rare, such as Tokyo - Hakone - way roundtrip Ekiden trip, but still I was able to enjoy it well Unfortunately the weather was bad Although it was impossible to imagine Mt. Fuji from lake Ashinoko, I was excited at the romance car who rides for the first time and I am completely absorbed in the Hakone sightseeing where cable cars, ropeway, ship and charming ride are continuous. The hotel also has history and formality Have stayed at a Fujiya hotel and be interested in retro exterior and interior, quietly in the cat's foot bathtub in the room Dinner before breakfast and meal was also delicious, although there was a happening of the middle of the earthquake, I was told again that this neighborhood was many I knew again that I got on the green car of Hikari from Odawara, but Odawara I was surprised that high school girls playing garter belts Major and minor, including major and minor, there are many places I have not done yet in the country Experience There is no departure from domestic travel so I am looking forward to the next trip

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