As a domestic trip, at our house, we have done

As a domestic trip, at our house, we have done ""Tour to go see friends of the net"" once. We live in Miyagi prefecture, but if you become friends on the net you will be in various parts of the country. Of course it is impossible to visit all of them, but there are things that I've played around in more places where I can ""encounter"" more. I went to Shizuoka and Yokohama. It was a small child, so we are boldly moving by car. While sightseeing with families in these two places where there are also many sightseeing spots, while proposing to local friends that 'staying here is convenient' or 'let's meet here at dinner' I was able to fully enjoy the site. Of course, it also tastes the real pleasure of off-club meeting. Although it is possible to go overseas trips in this way, I feel more like being domestic, that it is easier and more convenient to visit people, more people can meet, and I can make a pleasant trip to sightseeing + alpha .

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