I definitely go to a hot spring once a year.

I definitely go to a hot spring once a year. Last year I went to Yufuin in Kyushu Oita prefecture. There is a very fashionable shop in this spa area, from the Yufuin station to the street called Yufu watari street and the street named Tsubotawayutsu no yu. This Yufuin has long continued with a viewpoint of so-called ""Hinari"" hot spring without making a big ryokan or hotel, and since my school days ""Yufuin"" music festivals and film festivals etc. It was a hot spring resort where it was held very popular among young people and especially women. Ryokan and hotel are located a bit far from such a lively street, it is in various places like the birthable river, in the trees where you can hear birds singing, and a little high hill, etc . This quietness will heal your heart tired and your heart. As for the ryokan, why did not the accommodation facilities concentrated in one place listen to this, Yufuin got a lot of hot water in the hot springs that springs up, in addition, it sprang out around the town of Yufuin So it was that there was no need to gather in one place like ordinary hot spring resort. There are many ryokans that celebrities often come in for this hot spring, and it is very expensive and it seems that the accommodation fee will be high, but of course I am too expensive and it is impossible and Ichigen Can not. However, there is something called ""Shimonoyu"" whose name is also cute in this Yufuin. This is here and there in a shared bathing hot spring. That hot water is quite abundant as a hot spring inn, and the amount of hot water is also very abundant, and many people enjoying hot springs from tourists to locals. There are places where you can take a bath at a cheap price because there is a little stylish ""Shimonoyu"" near the lake called Kim Scal Lake for free. The truth is that some tourists are looking forward to only such ""Shimonoyu"". Mecca of hot springs, Beppu is close, so many people stretch out to here ""Yufuin"" .... I am having fun going out every time I visit here, but I can not accumulate winter hot springs in ""Shimonoyu"" where I can talk with local people in various ways. Buruburu It reaches while trembling ""Shimon yu"" Heart warming and this time it is a blissful time that touches the chills like biting the skin a bit and returning to the inn. At the inn, local cuisine dishes and Yufuin Tofu cuisine, this is also excellent. The inn which I use is the best for relieving stress while walking and walking because Kim scales lake is near. It's really quiet And the air is delicious and I feel like it's healthy if I breathe in my belly. There was also an unexpected thing in the trip of Yufuin hot spring last year. When I arrived, I was waiting for a taxi at the station. A woman with a kind of face I saw somewhere about 3 people ago waiting for a taxi with my family. ""Eh! It was divided more than 20 years ago ...."" That's right. I was surprised, she was a divorced wife. And the girl who was with me was my daughter. But, as the new husband was nearby, we gently stooped and waited for a taxi ride and then went to the inn in order of my own. It is coincidental, but there is such a thing. However, I am surprised to see that my daughter grew so big and enjoyed the hot spring while thanking the person who raised it so much. By the way, this Yufuin has another name ""Yufuin"". why? Is it? Is it? Is it? I am thinking that I will explore it next time when I go. Everyday is overwhelming modern times, we feel that something is going through too quickly and forgetting something. Try blanking your head at the hot springs.

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